Sula Indian Restaurant

Sula Indian Restaurant is just like the Drive, it’s your place to unwind and decompress.

If you’re heading North, it’s before Venables, a few doors up from Joe’s Cafe, just across the street from BierCraft. The atmosphere is light and airy, there’s a rock bed with a small water feature to ensure a calm vibe. The sound of people chatting mixed in with Indian music loud enough to dance to yet quiet enough to talk over. The staff, sounds from the kitchen, the smell of vegetables, meats, breads, and cheeses as they’re cooked with endless spice combinations. It’s all of these things that makes Sula Commercial Drive feel like the kind of place where you feel as though you’ve been here a thousand times before even if it’s just your first visit.


Sula will continue to operate in regular hours accepting TAKEOUT AND HOME DELIVERY ORDERS

Here are the steps we are taking in accordance to rules and advice given by Health Canada, and the Government of British Columbia.

Thorough training of take away and Delivery staff to follow all the guidelines outlined by Vancouver Coastal Health.

Additional sanitizing of entrance area, door handles, railings and debit terminals after each use

We will ensure minimal interaction with the staff on duty during take out and Delivery orders

Finally, we want to thank you for your support since 2010, and during this period of uncertainty, we ask for your continued support.


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