Pasture to Plate

Over the years we attended seminars, conferences, symposiums and schools all over North America to learn about low stress animal handling, cell grazing, precise mineral supplementation, mineral-water-energy cycles, winter-grazing vs. winter-feeding of cattle, drought planning, diversification and direct marketing, economics and finance.

In 2000, Andrew Lorand taught a short course on Biodynamics here at the ranch and we started applying biodynamic preparations to our land and parts of our crown range. For a number of years we sold organic beef at different farmer’s markets in Vancouver. This was a great experience; we both enjoyed the interaction with city folks who were so much more educated in regards to nutrition and organic food than what we were used to. This also was the time when we fell in love with the Commercial Drive area of Vancouver and ideas and plans started to grow about opening a shop there some day.

Over time, we acquired more land and increased our organic cattle herd. Then we added sheep, then pigs and poultry, to work into an organic diversification that ensures a steady and diverse organic meat supply for our growing customer base.


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