Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

Just like in Naples, we use authentic ingredients and processes to create our Neapolitan pizzas.

OUR TOMATOES are imported from Campania, and we hand-mill them before the oven caramelizes them to perfection.

OUR FIOR-DI-LATTE is 100% Canadian cow’s milk mozzarella. Invented in Naples, this cheese is rich and creamy.

OUR BASIL is hand-torn and is the Italian herb topping on many of our dishes.

OUR FLOUR is highly refined and low-gluten, making for easy digestion and endless enjoyment. ‘00’ Flour produces an amazingly soft yet crispy pizza crust.

OUR PIZZAS are hand-tossed by our expert team of Pizzaiolos – pizza-makers trained by Famoso’s certified founders – then fired in an authentic bell-shaped oven imported from Italy for 90 seconds at 900ºF.


Dining room closed, take out and delivery via:

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4:00PM – 7:30PM DAILY