Absinthe Bistro

Absinthe Bistro is an owned and operated family business based on the idea of bringing fresh and flavourful French food to Vancouver.  Cory and his Colombian wife Juliana met in Lyon while Cory was attending the Culinary School Paul Bocuse. Two years later they moved to Paris where Cory had the opportunity to work for Chef Michel Rostang. After living in France for over 6 years, Cory and Juliana returned to his native Vancouver to pursue their dream of opening their own restaurant.
“Our passion for French food and commitment to offer an enjoyable food experience, make of Absinthe Bistro a place where customers can discover a taste of France on the Drive” Cory and Juliana.


Available for pickup only.


WED – SUN: 2:00PM – 7:45PM // MON – TUES: CLOSED

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